The Balipitha in a temple usually faces the sanctum at a distance directly in front of the Lord.

But the one here is not facing the sanctum directly but is a little away from the line of the usual possition and thereby hangs a tale. A milkman was supplying milk in the temple daily on the orders of the local king. But the accountant of the temple asked the milkman to deliver the milk at his house and enter it in the temple accounts. But the honest milkman who demurred to the instructions of the accountant was threatened with drastic action by the latter.

The helpless milkman could only seck justiee from Lord Darbharanyeswara, who irked by the accountant's malfeasance wished to punishd him and released his lance in his direction. And as the Balipitha was in line with the coures of the lauce it is said to have moved a little away from its position to clear the way for the passage of the hurtling lance.