Official Website of Thirunallaru Temple, Karaikal – The City Information

Karaikal is one of the four regions of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. It is about 300 Kms south from Chennai and about 135 Kms from Pondicherry on the East coast. It is surrounded by the Nagapatinam and Thiruvarur Districts of Tamil Nadu State. From Times immemorial, Karaikal has been known for its rich religious heritage. It is an ideal place for those who like to seek solitude, leisure and serenity on the shore. With rivers and beaches it is fully untouched by the tourists.

Karaikal is a small coastal enclave which was formerly part of French India. Together with the other former French territories of Pondicherry, Yanam, and Mahe, it forms the Union Territory of Puducherry. The French flavor still persist the peaceful land of Karaikal. The pilgrim tourists who are all visiting Tamil Nadu never fail to include this temple town in their itinerary.

  1. Area: 161 Sq. Km.
  2. Villages: 37
  3. Language: Tamil
  4. Population: 2,00,222
  5. Male: 97,809
  6. Female: 1,02,413