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Sri Nala Narayana Perumal Temple

Sri Nala Narayana Perumal is described by Tamil scriptures as the Hinduist deity Vishnu. He is considered most popular among Tamils and in the Tamil diaspora.

After offering prayers to Loard Darbaranyeswara, NALA built the temple for Lord Vishnu. Hence the temple called by Nala Narayana Temple.

Lord Vishnu has the character of the cool breeze .This Perumal Vishnu in the hearts of his devotees and makes happy.

Temple is located on the main road itself, which is on the way to Nala Theertham after worship the nalan kali theertha vinayagar devotees can visit here to worship nala narayana perumal with thayar, sri panjamuga aanjneya swami sannithi is also here.