Place Name

The Origin of Place Name – Thirunallaru Sri Saneeswaran Baghawan Temple

Thirunallar is a small town in Karaikal, India, in the Union Territory of Puducherry, and can be reached by road from the town of Karaikal, an enclave which lies within the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. Thirunallar is the most noted for the shrine of Lord Saneeshwaran (Saturn). Thirunallar Saneeshwaran Temple is also dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran within the temple.

The name “TIRUNALLARU” represents the association of Nala, King of the Nishadha country who got his deliverance from the evil effects of Saneeshwaran (Saturn) by invoking the Lord’s mercy here. (Nala+Aru-Nallaru). The word “Aru” also conveys the meaning “to heel” and the two words taken together will mean Nala’s place of redemption or the place where Nala secured his redemption from the hold of Saturn through the Lord’s Grace. Others are inclined to read the meaning ‘between rivers’ in the name Nallaru, as this place is situated in the midst of two rivers in the north i.e. Noolaru and Vanchiaru, and one in the south, Arasalaru.

And this name as such occurs in the earlier padikam as wel as in the Inscriptions. Besides, the name of Nallaru this sacred place has also other name such as Adipuri, Darbharanyam, Nagavidangapuram, Naleswaram etc.