Shri Darparanyeswarar Temple – ThirunallarA majority of devotees throng the temple for relief from the effects Saturn in their life. They take an oil bath in the Nalatheertham, offer prayers to Kalitheertha Vinayaka, break coconuts and worship Baghwan Sani the planet Saturn.

It is the staunch belief and experience too that those afflicted by the adverse effects of Saturn get a relief after praying to the Saturn in the Darbaranyeswarar temple. They also come here for repentance from sins, curing of diseases, getting oratory skills. They pray to Darbaranyeswarar for peaceful marriage alliances. Above all they get total mental peace.


Those facing evil effects of Saturn, light lamps with gingely oil and with black Dil (Ellu). They offer Dil rice as nivedhana. Perform Navagraha Shanti Homas ( a puja to satisfy and calm down the anger of the planets). They offer money in the hundi, cows to the temple. Many also shave their heads and offer the hair.

Devotees offer abishek to Lord Darbaranyeswara in milk, rosewater, tender coconuts, curd, Dil oil, sandal paste, sacred ashes (Vibuthi) and new clothes. Devotees offer Sari to the Goddess Bogamartha Poonmulayal, light lamps in her shrine and feed the Bakthas visiting the temple.


Shri Darparanyeswarar Temple – ThirunallarThough the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, as Saturn is considered to be also graceful to his devotees, the temple is also famous for Sani worship. The Saturn shrine is in the north side of east Gopura side.. Thirunallar is also known as an important pilgrimage spot of Lord Saturn. The Saturn Shrine is always crowded. As he is the Lord of Makara (Capricorn) and Kumba houses in the Zodiac, their idols also find a place in the shrine. There is also a Golden Crow, the vehicle of Saturn in the shrine.