Sri Aiyyanar Temple

Sri Ayyanar Temple :-

Sri Ayyanar is the son of Shiva and Mohini, the female avatar of Vishnu. He is primarily worshiped as one of the guardian folk deities of Tamil Nadu.

Sri Ayyanar Swmy worship is a very ancient ancestral clan-based worship system linked to nature and fertility worship. The festivals of Ayyanars are celebrated in Sacred Groves during spring season by all the related clan. Ayyanar shrines are usually located at the peripheries or boundaries of rural villages and the deity is seen riding a horse with a sword. Weapons such as a trident or a lance are also associated with the shrine.

The Lord Ayyanar is very powerful and has been showing abundant grace to millions of devotees from that small village. The temple is very small with just one sannadhi and in a remote place.  However , invariably there are one or two abhishekams are performed by the devotees almost on all days.

Sri Aiyyanar Temple is located on Thirunallar, Karaikal District, Puducherry.